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finding "destroyed" marks

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Over the last year or two, I've found a number of marks that are "presumed destroyed" in the NGS database. For example, CG0923. Would it be worth the trouble (for an amateur like me, with only a basic handheld GPSr) to report them as found ? Could they be "resurrected" ? How much and what sorts of information would you need to provide ?

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I think it's great when our group can bring a mark "back from the dead". Some of our members have been successful in several instances. However, when sending the information to Deb, be certain to include any observations which might be clues that the physical attributes of the mark have changed in some way. While it may may seem unusual, a mark can still exist and yet be destroyed. Common examples:


*A mark may have been pulled from the ground and put into another hole, nearby. See EZ2860.


*A mark was in a cement sidewalk which was torn up and re-poured, and the helpful contractor replaced the disk in the new sidewalk. See EZ6531.


*The previous description of the setting does not agree with what you observe, today. See EZ5324.


*The mark is in a building which appears to have been moved. See FA0533.


*The place where you found a mark does not agree with the published description. See EY1267.


*Upon close examination of the ground around the monument, it is obvious that the station has been disturbed. See FX4853.


Actually, these types of things are looked for in every recovery by our members who report to NGS. But it is especially important if a station is to be resurrected. I hope this is helpful.



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