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Input Command Problems in Urwigo

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I'm climbing the steep slope of the learning curve for building cartridges. I've spent the last hour or so trying to figure out how to 'end' an input request from the player so I can present another. The goal I have in mind is to first ask the player's gender, then another question with a choice and so on. I'm initiating the questions at OnStart, with the gender request, but if I try to add message boxes after the input in the OnStart diagram, I get a warning in the builder (Actions overlaps window of another preceding action), and of course, the cartridge crashes. Can someone give me a nudge in the right direction? How do I place two or more inputs in the on start function?


Thank you all!



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You have to ask the second question once you validate/save the response from the first. Thus, your second input should be kicked off in your "On get input" event. Garmin Players will crash if a second input displays while another is active.


Some time back, I created a demo cartridge to show how to use a character to ask a question. I adapted it for your situation, making the character ask a second question after the first is validated. I attached the cartridge to this post, in both Urwigo and Groundspeak Builder formats.


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