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What happens to a benchmark when:

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I found 4 benchmarks this morning, the 5th ky1662 is under going a major overhaul, what happens to the benchmark if they have to reomove it? Do they replace the original or set a new one or maybe not even replace it at all? Work around it?




Sommes-nous perdus encore?

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What happens to a benchmark is determined by the the agency that governs that particular benchmark, if they know that something is being done with it. As a general rule, benckmarks are/were placed in areas that are relatively safe & stable for the mark, however, what was safe & stable 30, 60, or 90 (or more) years ago may not be any more. If there is construction happening near the benchmark, and the mark is in the way, it may be relocated if it is determined that the mark is still of some use or necessary. It may be necessary to move the construction, too. The govering agency may determine that the BM is of little or no value, or it may have moved by natural or manmade forces, and may decide to remove it altogether. Over time, some benchmarks just get abandoned or destroyed, and even though the agency stil has the data, the mark is gone.


I recently logged a benchmark (gt1657) that had some construction done nearby some years back. Originally, the brass cap was located on the northeasterly corner of a rural intersection in a rock outcropping. Use of the roads made the construction of a more user-friendly intersection necessary. The location of the benchmark was spared and the intersection was moved to the north. The cap and rock outcropping are now on the southeasterly corner of the intersection. The most recent (1972) NGS description has not been updated - it still has the cap 62 feet north of the road.


- Kewaneh

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