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Lost Icons and Attributes & Gallery images

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I recently placed my first Cache and while setting up the site and trying to remove a photo from the gallery, I hit something that removed my ability to see any photos in my gallery, that I set up, and in other galleries - now I only get the comments associated with the photos. I have 3 Questions, I don't know if they are all related as I also got a bit brave and started looking for notifications like FTF's etc - but here goes:


1) What do I do to get back the photo thumbnails in the Gallery?


2) Since about that time I cannot see any icons on my Google maps - I now get numbers on the map with a corresponding list, whereas before I used to get the Cache type icon on the map. I prefer the icons on the map. How do I get those back?


3) I also don't get Cache size, difficulty or terrain listings anymore. How do i get those back?


Thanking you in advance.

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Thank you for waking me up. I am now able to view all the icons on the google map and also can see the ticks, size, terrain and difficulty options. great news.



Solution - I'm using windows 7. Opened up Geo page and Right clicked in page; left clicked "View Page Info"; left clicked "Permissions"; and selected "Load Images" option. Bingo - Don't know when I went in or how I managed to turn it off in the first place - sexy fingers I suppose.


However I still can't see any pictures in my own or any gallery?


Still hoping for a little help here.


Thanks again for your advice today.

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