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Has any group of geocachers adopted a section of highway and done regular cleanups as CITO events? I brought this up the other day at one of our gathers and had some interest. In Texas, you can adopt a section of highway at least 2 miles long and you need to hold at least 4 cleanups per year and you adopt for a 2 year period. That is at least 8 CITO events and we might take turns hosting them (and hiding caches along the way).


I was just curious if anyone had tried it - and how it went (or is going). :P

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The local organization here (River City Geocaching and Dining Society) has adopted a bike trail in a nature area. We had a CITO event a couple of weeks ago.


I think an Adopt-a-Highway would be a fun idea, but kind of dangerous. I've seen how people drive on the motorways around here, I would not want to be standing along side of the road with them around. :huh:

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The WGA (Wisconsin Geocaching Association) has adopted a section of Hwy in NE Wisconsin.


We had a CITO event this past spring - GC25K1K


And we plan to have an event this fall and continue to have twice yearly events to support this effort.


The above picture is about half of the attendees of the spring event. We hope to get even more to help out as 2 sides of a 2 mile + stretch of Highway is a large area to cleanup and there's no lack of trash along the Highway.

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The Brazos Valley Geocachers in East-Central Texas has adopted a 2-mile piece of roadway on a small Park Road leading to one of our State Parks on Lake Somerville. Our signs have been ordered and we'll do 4 CITO events per year. We'll see how it goes. There are some places out there just BEGGING for new caches. We'll have to plant one or two before each event. :rolleyes:

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