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Vodor and Scorsby

Reallyt like the idea of Wherigo but why is it so unstable?

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I really like the idea of Wherigo. Ive spoken to other people who have done them and they think its great, but whats going on with it? ;)


Ive got an oregon 450 which means it wont even play the in built tutorial let alone any cartridges without crashing the minute you select the cartridge. Ive tried downloading the pocket pc version but it keeps freezing up. ;)


Is there going to be any further updates to the software? Will that make it onto a FW update from garmin?


Anyone have any info? :ph34r:

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For the Pocket PC version, if you can give some more details about your setup, people here may be able to help you to get it working.


For the Oregon, we know that there are many instabilities, but that's mostly because Garmin (who write the code from scratch using Groundspeak's specifications; there's no Groundspeak code in there) doesn't test properly. Of course, if they thought that Wherigo would help them sell 100,000 units then they might test a bit better.


In any case the future for Wherigo is not with GPS units or PDAs (which are dead anyway; I don't think I've seen any of the gadget freaks in my office walking around, trying not very hard to avoid showing off their PDA, for about two years now), but with phones. And for that, there's a very reliable player platform (OpenWiG).

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from where i'm standing, it is so unstable because Garmin decided that the project is not interesting and stopped putting any resources at all into it.

coincidentally, very similar thing happened at Groundspeak (although admittedly, they do put -some- resources into it, just not quite enough to do any significant good)


so my guess is that Wherigo on dedicated GPSr is a no-go until and unless it gains some traction by other means


please note that the opinions expressed are purely mine and do not represent official stances of either Garmin or Groundspeak ;e)

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