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Garmin 62

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After reading the announced specs for the Garmin 62 series, which is due for release in July, it does not appear to support wherigos. I was not expecting it, but it still would have been a great feature that might have created new interest in this platform.

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Ah, a new GPSr. I love my 60CSx and 156,000 geocaching miles on its odometer to prove it. The Colorado is less accurate, so I use the Colorado as a glorified PDA and for Wherigo only. If you meet me in the field, you'll see I cache with both GPSrs at my side.


I have mixed feelings regarding Wherigo on the 62. First, I am rather relieved not to see it. Garmin's successive Wherigo Player implementations have been less than quality work. Second, I like my 60CSx and would hope the 62st model would be a step up on all counts. I'd love to remain optimistic about that.


However, the combination of the 62 not supporting Wherigo and my own 60CSx having such ridiculous mileage makes me not want to bite. Perhaps if I could see it as a Wherigo-enabled 60CSx without the drawbacks as seen in the Colorado and Oregon (including the Colorado's laughable text entry interface), I might get one.


I appreciate you bringing this up. Now, if there was only some way to convince Garmin to let the community develop an updatable Wherigo Player for that device...

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Here is the response that I received from Garmin.

Geocaching and Wherigo are two separate games.


It does support paperless Geocaching.


I loaded a pocket query to a prototype GPSmap 62st and cached with it over Memorial day weekend and found almost 40 caches over the weekend with it.


Great device, just about like the GPSmap 60CSx, but the display is a little different and the menu is set up different.


The GPSmap 62 series does not support the Wherigo games.


Geocaching and Wherigo is two separate games.

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