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Release Notes 6/2/10


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Did anyone mention that the "View past Trackables" link on the cache pages is not functioning?


I just noticed that wasn't working on a cache that just had the last trackable removed. Now I can't see what had been in that cache.

The words are blue like a link, and change color when you mouse-over - but there is no underline, no finger icon, and no link when you click.


To check further, I went to a page with trackables, and clicked on the links:

"View all Trackables" and "View past Trackables"

The first only returned 8 trackables, and the first line shows a brown error message:

"No results were found for your search."

The second link returned 707 records, but also showed the brown error message:

"No results were found for your search."

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TB are meant to travel from cache to cache, once released into the 'wild', NOT Collected!

Just my thought.


Hampsters are live & kicking!

Look forward to all the improvements!




If you don't want your Trackable collected just set the status to "non-collectible". Doing so will remove it from a person's collection and place it in their inventory. Many times the owner of a series of geocoins mean for them to be collected.


I simply do not understand that concept of collecting trackables owned by other cachers. I am in agreement with DrMORO. Geocoins and TBs are owned by other cachers and they (at least the majority of owners) do not want them collected/kept by other cachers. They are set into the "wild" to be tracked (hence "trackables") on their journey from cache to cache to meet a predetermined goal.

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