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Just an idea - I enjoy browsing through the galley of benchmark photos, but now that it has grown quite large it might be nice to have a way to sort it or view a subset of the photos, maybe by state, or radius from a zipcode. What's there now is fun, and the serendipity factor is nice, but more entrance points are always nice, too. icon_smile.gif

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I noticed a weird bug in the benchmark gallery. I saw a picture taken of a benchmark I had previously visited but I didn't take the picture; Artman did. When I clicked on the gallery picture, my comment is there, with his picture (but not his name or comment), making it look like it's giving me the credit for his picture.


When clicking on the benchmark from a search or 'visit benchmark', or 'my page', however, I get my note and then his note correctly associated with his picture.

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