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  1. So, my friend tested my Adventure Lab set for me, but now she says the stops show as 'completed' but I don't see her on the list of those who have done the set. Is it because she tested it?
  2. So I've changed those two questions to eliminate the punctuation
  3. so now my question is, if I copy/paste this Unicode apostrophe in to the two answers will it cause problems for iPhone users... what is the best solution that works for both platforms?
  4. I did create them on my iMac, and tested them on my iPhone, so that all stayed within the ecosystem. One of the answers includes this word - Bro’s - here cut and pasted on my iPad. How is that apostrophe different what an Android phone types? I'm guessing it's actually a single quote character rather than a true apostrophe.
  5. I've got a couple of lab sites that have apostrophes in their answers. A couple of cachers have stumbled on these, while others have had no problems. It seems the common denominator might be mobile OS. The folks who have not had problems all seem to have iPhones, while the two who have struggled have Android phones. Has anybody else see a problem like this? And if so, what might the answer be?
  6. I run TamperMonkey/Chrome and the PGC script without issue currently on a Mac. Do you have other TamperMonkey scripts tied to geocaching.com that might be impacting the site? Make sure everything is up to date - Chrome, TamperMonkey & PGC user script. I found that a TamperMonkey script that I don't remember was the culprit. It was to hid my finds and hides on the map on opening. No big deal to do that manually, so I turned it off. All is well now. Thanks so much for your help, I probably wouldn't have found it by myself, as I don't recall enabling this script, though I must have done.
  7. Thanks! It turned out to be the TamperMonkey extension, which is useful for Project-GC. Now to find a way to fix that issue....
  8. Just recently I've become unable to select caches on the geocaching map while using Chrome on my Mac. Safari works as expected, but on Chrome all I can do is scroll around the map. The hand tool never changes into the arrow when hovered over a cache icon. Does anybody have an idea of what is going on? Is there a fix?
  9. Here in early March the issue has resurfaced for me, at least with Chrome on my Mac. Safari is working as expected though.
  10. There are more than 4,000 newspapers in the U.S. alone, and who knows how many more around the world. There's probably one, maybe two, in your town or city. I think it would be great to get to see as many newspaper office buildings as possible and learn about their names and locations.
  11. I have a virtual, GCHBBW, just outside the main terminal entrance at Oakland International here in California. And there's one, GCC594, just off the access road on the way into Sacramento International. Not exactly walkin distance, but not real far. GCD3FC and GCKQXQ are not far from the Portland, Oregon airport.
  12. I'll help. I'm in Vacaville. I've not seen a 76cs, but I've got a 60c and have been using it for a while, so I can probably clear up some of the confusion. Write to me at my profile e-mail and we'll set something up.
  13. TeamMoehrke

    Cachemate 4.0

    Thanks, I'll look into that.
  14. TeamMoehrke

    Cachemate 4.0

    I have a question about Cachemate and memory cards... how do I delete a set of caches stored on a memory card, short of reformatting the entire card? I don't see anywhere to manage the files on the card, it's probably there, I just don't see it.
  15. Here's the response I got from Mapopolis: The Hawian Islandes were only recently completely surveyed by NavTeq, our data provider, and the maps are only updated in the most current release. You'd need to upgrade to the ND release to get these maps. However, if you only need the Kauai map, you can purchase the new map individually and it is fully compatible with your existings maps and viewer. So I downloaded the demo map (the ND version, as I've purchased the NC versions) and it is just as detailed as described. The demo lasts for nine days...
  16. I checked the Platinum level maps (I bought the software and have access to all the maps) and agree, the Kauai County map is empty. The Honolulu County map is fine, though, so it doesn't affect the entire state. I dropped a note to the Contact e-mail at Mapopolis. It'll be interesting to see what they have to say.
  17. Try smacking it. No, seriously, try smacking it sharply on the palm of your hand a couple of times. The click stick on my old Legend used to take little 'siestas' from time to time and I discovered that I could wake it up by rapping it smartly in my other hand. I never could figure out what led up to these occurances, but that always worked. That was the only problem, outside of the rubber gasket coming loose, that my Legend ever gave me.
  18. MapSource runs just fine under VPC, but it's kind of a dog compared to how it runs under Windoze. I've used it for more than 2 years, and just recently got an XP box (so the boy can play Roller Coaster Tycoon. Hey, it was free...) So now I run MapSource over there and it's a much better experience. The USB connection is very fast compared to the serial port connection, so moving maps around is way, way faster. And waypoint transfers just fly. That said, you can transfer waypoints back and forth with MacSimpleGPS. It does just waypoints, and it's reasonably quick. There are two flavors, one each for OS9 and OSX. You might hunt for that and see if that'll be of any help.
  19. Well, my problem went away, sort of: A friend gave us one of his cast-off PCs, so now Mapsource works just great with the USB connection. I loaded nearly 30mb of maps on the 60C in just a little over three minutes. I never could get Mapsource under VPC to see the USB, even when booted into OS 9. I'm pretty sure I loaded all the drivers, since Windows said it had noticed the new hardware, and the 60c always showed the USB icon. Now the problem is going to be to find time on the computer to actually use it. I'm going to be competing with the 11-year-old who can now run Roller Coaster Tycoon as it was meant to be run. He's pretty excited about being able to build all sorts of coasters and then just demolish them when they don't please him any more. I'll still be doing my regular waypoint manangement on the Mac, though. MacSimpleGPS handles that transfer just fine, and I can preview the locations on the web at www.gpsvisualizer.com. So I'm good to go, now if it were only a laptop instead of a desktop (yeah, I know, gift horse and all that...)
  20. TeamMoehrke


    So, I probably should have asked before taking the plunge, but I didn't. I was at REI today picking out a backpack and also came home with a 60c after coveting one for 'lo these many weeks. Now, I can't get the thing to show up in Virtual PC, so I can't move data around. My Legend works just fine, but the USB with the 60c just flat out fails. Does anybody have any ideas where to turn? It appears as though VPC doesn't want to hang on to the USB connection the way it does with the USB/Serial converters, so it never gets a chance to actually communicate. The 60c acknowledges the connection with a little icon in the upper left of the screen, but that's all that works right. I'm going to try this all on a laptop at work, so I may be fine for now, but it would be nice to have a permanent solution.
  21. I use CacheMate from Smittyware (www.smittyware.com). It comes with CMConvert that converts the .gpx file I get as a pocket query into a .pdb that is then transferred to my Tungsten E. Then, on the Palm, CacheMate displays all the caches in the PQ, allows sorting, keeping a log note, and shows previous logs. It'll also decode clues. It's great for only $7. I've been using it for three weeks and I'm still sort of figuring it out, but so far so good. The only thing about not having paper along is that I miss having maps. Just having them in the GPS isn't as convenient as having a print-out to scan for the next destination. CacheMate will do a "Nearest Caches' list, but there's no substitute for a quick look-see at a map...
  22. So, what kind of caches are 'good' caches for you? Do you want multis, or micros, or larger? Urban, cache-and-dash or hikes? Fairfield doesn't have so many, but Vacaville has more than 20, and you can pretty much find anything you want. I'm in Vacaville, and have hunted almost all of the caches in the county. Let me know if one kind or another appeals to you and maybe how complicated you want and I can make more specific recommendations.
  23. TeamMoehrke

    Cachemate 3.3

    OK, now I've got it. Somehow I was expecting that change to be triggered when I marked Found in the Log... But I see how it works now. I'm just getting started with the Palm (and CacheMate) so some of the interactions, functions and just general 'Palmness' are new to me.
  24. TeamMoehrke

    Cachemate 3.3

    A little love letter for CacheMate... It works great with my Mac and OS X, letting me move GPX files over to my Tungsten E and getting me out the door to hunt caches without having to wait for the printer. Now, a question: When I'm in the Record List view, with a long list of caches, some marked Found and most not marked, the only way I can see a list is if I've chosen All in the top right corner. None of the other choices up there show any kind of list. What am I missing? How would I mark something to show up as Found, or as a Benchmark? Thanks...
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