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How to classify a near find...


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I went searching for a benchmark on an old railroad overpass near my home this evening. I fornd the Witness Post next to a 5 1/2 foot concrete post. I could not find a benchmark disk. I did find a wooden stake with a metal rod in the ground anout 3 feet from the witness post sign. The rod had a yellow cap on it. Can I log this one as Found It! ?

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You found somebody's property corner. The concrete post may have been the benchmark, they do not all have disks. Pay close attention to the details of the description and verify the relationship of the marker to the reference objects, if any are given, in order to make your determination. Without some verification you cannot be entirely sure.

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I would have to say a near find is one that matches the marker in the datasheet. If you dont find it it aint a find.


Taken from the benchmark page...


What do I do when I find one?

If you have a digital camera, we ask that you take a picture of the disk, and several pictures of the area around the "disk". You can even use a compass to mark your photo so people who see the benchmark can view the area from your point of view. Or just log your find for others to read. You do not take them. These markers are public property and are actively used in surveying.


The word "disk" should be changed to "mark". But I think that pretty much spells it out.

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