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Placing First Cache

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The permission issue varies quite a bit. Some parks have policies and some don't. It's best to give the local Park and Rec folks a call to find out if there is a policy before placing a cache. Don't be surprised if they've never heard of Geocaching and you have to explain it to them. There is a wealth of information on the Rescource page of this site, as well as in the Knowledgebooks that can be helpful on putting a best foot forward.


Who knows, you might get drafted to teach a class through the Parks Dept if the get intrigued by the idea. I've seen that happen to more than a few of our locals :grin:


Good luck!

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Many public land areas have develop very well conceived Geocaching rules and guidelines. If so - just follow them closely.


If it is private land - always get permission.


On other public lands - it is best to check with other local cachers to get any knowledge you need for hiding there. Sometimes permission will be required - sometimes the local land managers just don't care one way or another. I have discovered that many areas openly embrace geocaching but have no written policies. That is where local knowledge is invaluable.

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