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Re-flashing bluetooth pucks: Holux/Sigmatel

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Once upon a time, I brought the Holux GPSlim 326 bluetooth puck which worked excellently for us with mobile phones and an iPaq. Until the day the teeny tiny micro-size power switch on the circuit board broke. So now we have a mechanically dead bluetooth puck. By carefully shorting the power switch it became possible to use it by removing the battery when not in use, but it is a bit of a pain.


Looking in the store, it turns out that the same product is still sold under the Sigmatel brand name, except that it has static navigation on by default. This of course means that using it for geocaching is almost impossible, and I'm not going to be fiddling around with it every single time I power it up.


However, since this is only a firmware issue, it should be possible to re-flash the unit with software that does not have static navigation. Has anyone here actually done this? There are some websites where this is mentioned in a rather cavalier way, but hands up, did you do this? Where did you find the software, could I download it from the old unit?

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