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The National Trust has devised a 5 box (soon to be 8 box) trail on the Clent Hills and runs geocaching taster days giving people new to geocaching a chance to hire out a GPS and have a go. These have proved very popular, hence more boxes needed. Each box has an activity in it as well as the usual treasures to swap and move around. If I'm honest the member of staff at Clent could do with some help to maintain the course and also some guidance on how to develop things further with travel bugs and more difficult caches etc. If someone local to the Clent Hills would like to be a geocaching volunteer then please could they contact Tamsin, Community Links Officer for the Clent Hills, on 01562 712822.

Essential criteria - lives close to the Clent Hills, enjoys walking, loves geocaching, knows more about geocaching than Tamsin (not difficult) flexible, creative, able to give approx 4 hours of their time per month, good at drinking tea and eating cake. :)

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I've been communicating with Tamsin for many months on behalf of GAGB and she has been very supportive of geocaching. Clent Hills is a very progressive NT property, it would be great if someone local could help out.


I'm around 3 miles from the Clent Hills and offered my help yesterday. I'll keep you updated on progress.




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