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Basic GPS or any other software

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Hiya first time poster on here but long time cacher. I've been using GCZii for a while but now its packed in. I'm off to Scotland on holiday for a week and theres a long car journey involved. I need a windows mobile program which will let me Search for Nearby geocaches because its impossible to put every cache in the UK into my GPS as I don't know which motorway services or viewpoints we stop at.


Anyone recommend a program which will let me have this impulse caching button? I've just downloaded Basic GPS but can't find this button anywhere, it only works with pre downloaded LOCs and GPXs but thats not what I want. I tried Locify but that was rubbish for an XDA orbit.


Any help?

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Anyone recommend a program which will let me have this impulse caching button?



I had been using GCz II too, for about a month but noticed yesterday that it is broken again by changes at geocaching.com. :) I am sure that Tom will fix it again eventually, :P but that will probably not be soon enough for you, it took him a week last time this happened. :D

Earlier this evening in the GCz II thread I noticed a recommendation for GateCacher. I have just downloaded it, but have not yet tried it so I can't say exactly that it will answer your needs. However, from what I read in the manual, it looks like it has a subset of the capabilities that GCz II has. The manual says that it can download lists of caches in the proximity of your current location, so it sounds like it may do what you want.

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