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Cheap GPSr for Beginner

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I'm not selling it, but Meijer is and it's a pretty cheap way to get your hands on a 'backup' GPSr, or a starter unit if you are a tight budget.


First let me say, this is NOT a paperless geocaching unit and it's probably not the most user friendly unit either. However if you are good a figuring things out, or a self proclaimed 'techie' then this might be for you.


Before ordering read these threads:





So while it's cheap, it probably won't be a long term unit as your primary device, but is a cheap way to get your first GPSr and get started. The specs show it has the SiRF Star III chipset.


You can pickup the unit at Meijer's website until end of day tomorrow Apr. 7th, for $45.00 w/ free shipping.



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I wanted to post back for the benefit of anyone that may have taken a chance like I did on this Bushnell Onix 200cr at Meijer.


I got it today, and all the reviews I found (after I ordered) were right on target. This thing is nothing more than a paper weight.


It is terribly unfriendly to use, difficult to enter waypoints to manually, difficult to transfer waypoints to (using GPSBabel) and so far impossible to edit or create custom waypoints on while in the field.


The real killer however...... Get this - - - when navigating to a set of coords (saved waypoint, or manually entered temporary coords) it stops navigation when you get within 50 feet.


Of course the unit performance is horrible (slow screen updates - taking minutes to sometimes update location, eats batteries like I eat granola, has buttons that are difficult at best to press, lacks any real features that I found useful).


In addition, the unit I received appeared to be a used unit, not factory refurbished. It arrived in original retail packaging with the factory seal broken, USB cable had some wear on it, unit has light scratches on the screen, unit had smudges on the sides and back and box was torn, then taped to hold part of the side together.


If you bought one of these - I'm sorry. I apologize for ever posting this link and information in the first place. I know if it sounds too good be true. . . well you know, and I've been freshly reminded.


Take advantage of the Meijer return policy. No return shipping costs to return the unit to Meijer.com, or if you have a store near by you can return it there. Get rid of it. I'll be getting my RMA and putting in the FedEx drivers hands tomorrow.

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