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What are these?

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NRD = Natural Resources District (possibly)


"A digital model was developed for the study area using the modular, three-dimensional, finite-difference, ground-water-flow model MODFLOW. The principal aquifer in the study area is the High Plains aquifer cosisting of Quaternary and Tertiary deposits including the Ogallala Formation. It is confined below by the relatively impermeable White River Group or Pierre Shale (fig. 2). The aquifer was represented as a single-layer, regularly spaced grid of 79 rows and 54 columns. Each row and column of the model represented a 1-mile wide strip of aquifer. "


This was cut from this webpage.


If by stadia you mean concrete post, we have them placed around the Air Force Base here to mark the boundry. They were placed way back before there was a chain link fence around the base.


If your house catches afire, and there ain?t no water around,

If your house catches afire, and there ain?t no water around,

Throw your jelly out the window; let the dog-gone shack burn down.

**Huddie Ledbetter**


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