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"SAVE TAYLOR LAKE" Clean Up Project MAY 8TH 2010

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On Saturday May 8th, The Dalles Young Professionals are hosting a “Save Taylor Lake” clean up project starting at 8am. This project is sponsored by both C.I.T.O/Geocaching and the Oregon SOLV Organization. Kase Construction is the local sponsor and will be there with a dump truck to haul out the trash and make Taylor Lake a family friendly natural gathering area which can be used for fishing, hiking, biking, or for a simple family picnic.


Taylor Lake has been a place that father’s have taken their sons for generations to go fishing or where families have gone to hike around and enjoy the beauty of the wildlife. Recently in the past 10 years or so this location has been forgotten and is slowly becoming a dumping ground for both trash and drug paraphernalia. The wildlife are slowly depleting this area due to the toxins from the trash left behind. Please join the Young Professionals in this clean up and great attempt to preserve a part our history and heritage. This lake is worth saving and is also a great link to both the riverfront trail and the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center. Please call Stephanie at 541-296-2231 today and put your name on a list as a volunteer for May 8th. Please bring some sunscreen, some friends, and a great attitude! Call today to volunteer.

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