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Questions questions questions!

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Just started this aspect of the GPS sport and I have a few questions. While out geocaching yesterday we ran across a benchmark that has the township type info on it dated 1920.

Who puts those out there?

Are those called survey markers?

Those are different than the NGS benchmarks?

Who creates the PID numbers?

Are we also tracking the markers that have that township info on them?

Do those have PIDs?

AND last but not least, why are there so many close together. I did a littel search this morning and as soon as I walked out on my front porch I could see the closest one on a bridge near my house. Then I just walked a couple of blocks to an old high school and voila! another one. This is fun!




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A marker with township and range stamped on it is probably a section corner. In 1920, it would probably have been set by the GLO or possibly a private surveyor. Section corners mark boundary lines and are entirely different from benchmarks which mark elevations. They do not have PID numbers which are just a way of cataloging markers used by the NGS. A local surveyor in your area could give you a more detailed explanation of the specific significance of the markers you find.

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