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Dumb landmark question

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Please bear with a newbie icon_smile.gif


Of the 200+ benchmarks within 10mi of our home, one of them happens to be the church on the corner. It's a landmark, and the benchmark entries from 1885/1933/1934 name the cross on the steeple as the necessary item.


To log this, do I just take a picture of the cross and upload it?

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WATER TOWERS, FLAG POLES,CHURCH STEEPLES,RADIO ANTENNAS,CUPOLAS, ETC,ETC ETC..have all been designated by the Survey in one town or another as benchmarks.I know in the Baltimore Maryland area there are virtually hundreds of benchmarks and the ones that interest me the most are those that are most recognizable - water towers, flag poles, church steeples...................etc.And yes, many of them if not all do not have the the circular survey disk, but they indeed are benchmarks and worthy of reporting. What really makes them interesting is if the finder gives some detail or historical perspective to the find.That is my take anyway.

thanks. MICKYD

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