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disk not found but chiseled square?!?!

rain theory

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Yesterday I went to check out this benchmark (the description got to be a bit confusing: "48.8 FEET NORTHWEST OF THE SOUTHEAST END OF THE SOUTHWEST BANISTER, IN THE FOUNDATION OF THE SOUTHWEST BANISTER") but when I found where the disk *should* have been, there was no disk, but a fairly new looking chiseled square... Would this count as a find? Even if the description is not "chiseled square"?




-råin theory


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I don't find that description very confusing once I see the bridge orientation. The disk should be along the southern edge 48.8 feet west of the east end. Since the disk hasn't been recovered since it was monumented in 1942 I would be more surprised if you did find it. icon_smile.gif Many things may have happened to the disk to make it vanish, including construction on the bridge.


The square may be in the place that the disk is supposed to be, but it is not the marker described. So I'd count this as a not found.


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went back today to look at it again, and although the bridge doesnt seem to have had ANYTHING done to it since the 30's (eeek) i can see how if the mark wasnt on the bridge itself it may have washed away from erosion, etc. although i think i spotted one place it might be but i'm not about to go digging through poison ivy to find this one!




thanks for your input!


-råin theory

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