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New Google Maps Feature Showing GPS Coordinates


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It appears that Google Maps has just added a feature that allows you to see a small box under your cursor showing the lat/lng of where you move your cursor AND/OR allows you to place a marker on google maps under which a box will appear with lat/lng coordinates. I always had to use a workaround before (or use google earth), so this is great.


The coordinate format is a bit different that the one used on geocaching.com, but there are billions of online converters out there to see the coordinates in whatever format you wish.


This is how to set it up:

1. Go to google maps and click on "New" in the upper right hand side of the browser.

2. Scroll down and enable "LatLng Tooltip" (for continues coordinates wherever you put your cursor), and/or "LatLng Marker" (which allows you to right click on the map and place a marker with a box under it showing GPS coordinates).


Awesome new feature!

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Great tip hoyshnin - thanks for drawing our attention to this.


By the way you don't need a converter - just change GE to agree:


Tools>Options> then change Show Lat/Long to Decimal Degrees.

Yes, I have changed the format in Google Earth. With this feature in Google MAPS, though, you can't unfortunately change the format.

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