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Alaskan use of 60CSX

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I really like this unit. Very nice for Alaska where we have difficulty catching satellites (they tend to be pretty low on the horizon). Add to the mix some very large mountains and a thick canopy of Sitka Spruce, Hemlock, and Cedar, and one begins to see the issues hikers and geocaching enthusiasts endure. The Alaska topo addition is fantastic as it provides all sorts of vital driving and hiking information. Fuel, Forest Service and Ranger Stations,and trails all help keep us Alaskans headed in the right direction when we need to. I download that information into my Nuvi 350 and the state became my playground. Remember, this is a state that is about a 1/3 the size of the entire United States. Of course, we only have like 41 people who live here. This is a rugged, dependable, and accurate piece of equipment. Now if I can just get it to point me toward the gold, we’d be in business!

Cons: Have to order from out of state, so shipping costs soar. It does not point to gold. It would be neat if this device had a distress locator beacon like they have with boats. One push of the button and help is on the way. I guess you could register the unit so searchers could find your last location. I digress. Another con, no coffe cup holder.

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I was up in Alaska a couple years ago with my 60CSx and it had no problem whatsoever getting satellites. I even went halibut fishing and the fishing was hot in one place and suddenly the fish stopped biting. I didn't want to tell the captain that perhaps we should move back to our original spot because the GPS showed we drifted a bit from the hot area.


It also came in handy at this one clamming area. Apparently the tide comes in very, very fast. I had my handy-dandy marine selection that showed the tides and I found that we had approximately 2.5 hours to do what we needed before the tide came in and flooded the are we were at. That was a fun day.

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