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Garmin updates, good or bad?


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I have a Garmin Astro 220. I just took it online and Garmin has an update for it, v3.0. Is this beneficial? Any known bugs in the update?

I don't know your unit. I had quite a couple of different Garmin GPS-devices and I NEVER regretted the updates. Actually you can get older firmware versions as well, just in case you want to roll back.


My advice: Update the unit, using the Webupdater and stay away from any other source for patched or otherwise altered firmware versions.



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Updates are a good thing :)


It's pretty rare an official update has a detrimental impact to your device,, and quite often when you hear of someone having such a problem it's because they caused it to themselves.. trying to "shortcut" the update process (batteries not charged, disconnecting before update completes,, etc) then they scream bloody murder at the manufacturer when they wind up bricking their device..


But still there's nothing wrong with researching the update beforehand,, like you are now! :D

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It depends.

If the fixes are minor (ex: 'Wrong translation into German ...') , forget it. If it permits the use of a bigger Micro SD, maybe. If it fixes the jumpy compass, definitively. I have been burnt by updates (in general) so I am more careful. But I download them all anyway, just in case.

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