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tale of two vistas


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I added a factory refurbished vista to my collection last fall. I had (and still have) a venture at the time. It was awesome!! After I called to trouble shoot some buts which required udateing (you would think they would have done that at the factory).


I used the clip and button with my venture, but I got a case for the vista. I used a button on it for awhile but it would break or come unscrewed. Wierd cause I never had a problem with my venture. We were hunting a few weeks ago during what around here is considered a cold snap, and I got a doe. She went about 20 yards into a dense undercover and briars. There was a good blood trail so I plowed through the briars to follow it. I lost my cell phone (and almost my jacket) in the process.


I actually went back in and found my phone. I had to clip the gps to my pocket because I had no straps at the time to attach it to. In retrospect it was a dumb idea. We had to finish dragging to doe out of the swamp with a game cart and somewhere along the line I lost my gps, the vista.


We have scoured the area to no avail, in spite of knowing the .5 mile stretch it lies. It must be buried in the mud that now covers the road. So I ordered another. I just got it a couple days ago!


This vista is much brighter than my other one. And I have not noticed a flicker. There is some slight play when the computer cord is attached. The plug looks to be tight, just to look at it and touch, but when the cord is attached there is play. I thought about putting crazy glue on a toothpick and run it along the edges but thought that would create more problems than it solves.


In the interim I have been using the venture and am amazed at how quick it goes through batteries. I thought the old vista was made dim for the purpose of battery longevity but the new one seems fine.


I havn't had it turn spontaneously off when I touch a button while it's starting like the old vista but I hadn't purposly tried to reproduce the effect.


Every GPS I have ever purchases had had some kind of bug or defect. My first one was a rino that did not get all the channels, it simply hissed when it was on them. I probably should have just overlooked that channel but I sent it back. I got a legend or venture next. It would turn off by itself, when I needed it to be on. It was practically useless.


I quit geocaching then and didn't need one to hunt so I did without. Then the hc recievers came out and there was a sell in the paper and I got a new one, the venture hc. If you use it with gps off, you have to turn it all the way off, if you try to select gps on, it will lock up so you have to remove the batteries to make it work again.


It also had old version OS and I had to update and do a hard reset to get rid of a few bugs that I can't remember. This one has a wiggly plug. Does anyone ever get a perfectly working gps?


We still go back to try and find the lost one, I have hope we will see it when the water level drops. Hunting season is over and we use this as an excuse to hang out in the woods. We are going back today to plot a part of the club we avoided during the season. Why do they make the case black and gray!!!! I wish it were bright yellow like the venture!! I tied an orange lanyard and a reflective lanyard to the case on my new one. The one on the gps is the stealth black one it came with.


Wierd about the differant brightnesses. I read in a differant thread where someone else noticed the same thing.

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