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Must say, of my few caches, the logs of 'Star Crater' GC18JVF still provide me with the most entertainment. It started with Cabey and Alien3Inc's logs where I have heard the story behind the story... :D


:ph34r: Who knows, you may even encounter something of value at the bottom?


Don't you get demoted when you reach the bottom of the log...? :D Sorry, Private joke! :)

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:ph34r: I was very worried about being fleyed for opening a topic like this one!!


But am now really glad to see that is was worth the risk.


It's reallt nice to see that there are cachers out there who stiil enjoy the game and like making it enjoyable for others,



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Just a last note - people like me really don't like long logs (I mean writing, although I love reading them - yes, I know, double standards!), but it honestly does not mean I don't enjoy it.


If you get a 'Tx!', I just really don't have much to say about the cache, and I don't want to tell you how lame it is... hehe


I'd rather you give me 2 'lame' caches (meaning I don't understand what you want me to see or know about) because I still like the satisfaction of finding any cache.


So, go forth and multiply!

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