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Waypoint names not showing on Nuvi 715?


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Dear All,


I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 715 around 10 days ago. I previously used the Nuvi 310 in my car. Unfortunately when I transfer my waypoints to the unit (Nuvi 715) using EasyGPS the waypoint names are not displayed on the screen.


Previously when I used the Nuvi 310 I was able to see the waypoint names on the screen. Also my wife, who uses the Nuvi 710, is able to see the waypoint names on the screen.


Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I see for example that the icons used by the Nuvi 715 are not all the same as used by EasyGPS. For example the ‘car’ symbol used by EasyGPS is different to the car used by the Nuvi 715. As such, when I transfer the waypoints for which I have a car as the icon, all I get is a small square on the screen (and still no name). When I transfer other items, for example a residence (and using the residence icon), I can see the icon on the screen but not the name alongside. For example, when I transferred the waypoints onto the Nuvi 310 (and my wife’s Nuvi 710), I could see alongside the icon “Bill and Sarah’s house”. However, when I transfer the waypoint to the Nuvi 715 all I see is the waypoint and the icon, but not the name of the waypoint.


Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? My software and my map are all up to date on the 715.






(I have the same issue when I try to use ExpertGPS)

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Further to my issue in my previous post, I did a test today. I saved a waypoint as usual, i.e. by touching the screen, saying ‘save’ and I assigned the name ‘Testing’ as the waypoint name. Unfortunately I do not even see the waypoint name on the screen doing it this way.


This leads me to believe that this is not a problem with the way I am transferring data to the GPS (i.e. using EasyGPS) but rather with the software on the unit itself. ;)


Still requesting any comments from other users having the same issue. :lol:

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