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vista turns off when menu button pressed

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But not all the time. At first I thought it was because I hit the backlight button first. I couldn't get reproducable results doing that though.


When I am in the house I generally turn the gps "off", since there is not need for it to "aquire" satillites. On my venture hc, if I turn the gps off, then turn it on with the option in the menu it will lock up and I will have to remove the batteries. I have learned to live with that.


I thought it was awesome that my new vista hcx did not do this. Then I ran into the mysterious turn off if I hit the menu button. I don't know, maybe I am holding my face wrong. I get *%$^% sick and g$$da4$$ tired of buggy gps's. Why in the holy f*^^& can't they figure this s$#$#4 out before they send out the units!!!!!111111eleventy!!!2w21


Of all the units I have had, I have only not sent one back, the one venture that locks up. My vista backlight also pulses and flickers some but since I really have to use it now, and I really don't have any faith in their ability to fix it SINCE IT WAS FACTORY REFURBISHED AND WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN LOOKED AT BEFORE I GOT IT, I am not sending it back either. IT DIDNT' EVEN HAVE UPDATED SOFTWARE!!!! THEY "REFURBISHED" IT AND DIDN'T BOTHER TO CHECK THE SOFTWARE!!1



How may bugs do y'all just put up with?!?

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Thanks for posting that link, I knew I had read of a similar issue but could not find it.


Only problem is - I don't WANT to wait until everything is done before I press buttons - I want it to STOP looking for satilites. I should be able to press a button THAT IS MADE TO PRESS - TO STOP IT FROM DOING WHAT IT IS DOING!!!


And take a look at the bugs the updates fix would ya!! Then they need updates to fix the bugs the UPDATES HAS ADDED!11!1


And there's not a thing I can do about it, as I understand the other brands are even worse.


I like my garmin gps's, when they work like they are supposed to work. Do they have a bug-reporting website, that they actually look at? I mean, it's nice you can send your unit back, but even that doesn't gaurentee it will be fixed. My first unit was a rino. A couple of channels did not work, I called, I sent it in. I got it back and the CHANNELS STILL DID NOT WORK!!


I sent it in and asked that they send me something else of similar value, I got whatever is below the venture. That did not work so I got the venture, the older model. That one started intermittently going off, it got worse until I stopped using it altogether.


A few years later I called garmin and sent it in, with some money as it was out of warrenty and the money was still cheaper than a new unit. Yayyyyy!!!!!! I FINALLY got one that worked!!!!!!


So I started geocaching again, it was fun WITH A UNIT THAT REALLY WORKED! I got the HC model later on. Other than the freeze it seems to work fine, but hey you can't really expect something to actually work perfectly now can you. Well CAN YOU?!?!?


[rant mode off]



Seriously, the amount of bugs in gps's is just plain silly. It's like you have to have 2 or 3 to make sure you can have one that is not being sent back!


opps, there I go again.

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