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Time Zone resets to GMT on Manage Acct Pref page.


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OS: Windows XP

Browser: IE 7.0.5730.13, Firefox 3.5.2


When I navigate to the My Account Details page, the "My Account Preferences" section correctly shows my time zone as "Eastern : Eastern Time (U.S. & Canada)"

When I click Change in this section, it sends me to the Manage Account Preferences page. On this page, the Time Zone is set to "GMT Greenwich Mean Time". If I ignore that section, update other fields, and click Save Changes, this changes my time zone to GMT.


Shouldn't the Time Zone be set to my current Time Zone? I see this as an issue when coming to the Manage Account Preferences page to update the other information. For instance, my web page is auto-populated to the current setting for me and does not need to be updated every time I visit this page.


Apologies if this has already been reported. If it has, I must have used poor search keywords.

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