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Magnetic Foliation


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Anybody know where I can find a description of magnetic foliation and what it is used for?

Are you talking about magnetic lineaments (magnetic reversals) or actuall foliation of the magnetic directions due to metamorphic activity?


Had to go back to some text books to even make sure I was asking that correctly. :anibad:

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The text calls them magnetic foliation due to pulses in magma intrusion. see http://records.viu.ca/~earles/granite-dec00.htm


I have my library trying to get the referenced Nature article, but I've been waiting for a month now.


Try this website, and look under the section labled plutonic and igneous fabric.


If I am reading this correctly, the definition of magnetic foliation is loosely the planar foliation that occures among magnetic minerals, which may be different from planer orientation of minerals due to deformation.


In your example (I think) it would seem to sugest a way of differentiating the pulses of the granitic intrusion that form the pluton. At the time scale that they are sugesting it would be unlikely that a magnetic reversal would take place so I think that they must be looking at the infered magnetic foliation deformation by the addition of further pulses.


I admit that this was just being developed when I was in college and as a consultant I have long forgotten the finer details like this. Good for you for following such a specific topic.

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