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Admin for the Gulf Region?

Lucky Stars

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Anyone know how we get our own admin? Someone who understands the region, and the challenges related to caching here - such as 45 degree summers when few people cache, and the ever changing population, and the huge amount of construction changing the landscape daily.


Seems the current admin is in the US - not sure how he confirms the locations, etc. and follows up.


There are a lot of good candidates - such as cincol or Carbon Hunter - active cachers who get around the region.


Any ideas, or is it a bad idea?



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Is it an issue now?


In principle we would agree with your sentiment and believe administrators should have an intimate knowledge of the local ground and environment.


When we first embarked on expanding Geocaching in the area, we so much wanted to grab our administrators by the neck and drag them through the fiber optic so they could see how inappropriate some of their decisions were. But they moved on and we have been a long time served by our current volunteers who, quite frankly, are hard to beat. Much worse serve other areas.


Perhaps we would be better off maintaining the status quo until we really feel that we are being poorly served.


M of M&Ms.

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We currently have 2 reviewers for the ME and they seem to be on top of things. Have never had any problems except when we wanted the US Military Base caches removed from the Qatar listings and placed somewhere else as they are theoretically not in the country at all. After much debate and exchanging of correspondence we let it be as it appeared that patriotism was stronger than our argument. Apart from that I personally think they are doing a good job at the moment. ;)


Open to suggestions though.

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My caches have been published by either "Crow T Robot" or "erik88l-r". I've always had a good rapport with both of them. What benefits would a more local publisher bring?



Have been absolutely gob-smacked when some of my caches have been published in minutes of posting by both these gentlemen.


I have not had an issue to date.


I have more hassles getting Earthcaches published - but that is a seperate process that is far more stringent.


I say status quo to remain. But if there are greater numbers and activity in an area, the reviewers will get a new reviewer.


I can speak of what happened in africa, where the same 2 reviewers did all the tasks, but as Southern Africa exploded with cachers, the work load grew and a South african cacher (Fish Eagle) was approached and became the African reviewer.


but until then, lets keep placign caches and this will encourage a local reviewer placement from Groundspeak.

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