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HELP with garmin etrex

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If you mean how to make it find one, you go to the "find" menu and put in the coordinates. Make the icon a cache, you do this by making the curser go up to the dot that represents the waypoint. If you have a cable you can download it from the cache website.


I'm not sure of the question though. Could you be more specific on what you are trying to do? There are some other fields that you use as you are hunting the cache, or other waypoint. You can use the map page till you get close, then I switch to the navigation page. That will give me the distance to the cache.


You can practice by making a waypoint and navigating to it. Walk down you street and push the toggle thingie in. It will "mark" the spot as a waypoint and let you rename it (it will give it a number).


Then walk back home and make it "find" the waypoint. This will let you thumb through the screens and learn what each one does.


Hope this helps. Give us some updates.

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It is somewhat less than intuitive but to enter the coordinates of a cache to goto it - you "mark" your current location and then edit that using the toggle button to the location you want. - Then under the find menu select it and hit "goto".


Much easier to save caches to the unit via the computer cable.

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