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Just getting going with GC - What's up Waypoints?


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So what's up with this Waypoint thing? I see a second site, but it used my current login so they must be connected somehow. Unfortunatly the interface is really different, so I didn't get around it too much.


From what I read, it's more like landmarks, but no caches? So you don't sign a log, you just record what you found at the waypoint? Sounds really similar, and almost as fun.


Also, does the PocketQuery download waypoints, or just GC? If just GC, is there some equivalent for Waypoints?



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Waymarking.com? It's also owned by Groundspeak. They're just interesting locations you might want to visit, and GC.com PQs don't include them (although I believe some old ones still in the database might be included).


I went on the site for maybe 10 minutes before deciding it's not for me. Waymarks in my area included Taco Bell and The UPS Store, not exectly "interesting locations" in my opinion.

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I think you are referring to Waymarking.com. This is just another location based activity where someone provides you with the coordinates for an interesting location. Could be history based, nature, shopping - any number of categories (the site is organized by categories).


I believe you can do custom searches (like pocket queries) on Waymarking, but I think the results are in a lite version of the GPX and I'm not totally sure what all information is included in the GPX file.


The Pocket Query itself it a Geocache specific tool for permium members to get Geocache information based on your search criteria and won't return Waymarking results.


Waymarking is really like a 'Virtual' geocache (which aren't allowed on Geocaching.com any more) and can be a great way to see interesting places.

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I think you mean Waymarks - not waypoints.


Think of it this way:


A Geocache is somewhere with a container hidden there.


A Waymark is just the somewhere.


Yes the sites are both owned by the same company. There is very little integration right now but more is promised for the future.

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I'm just getting started on GCing, but what finally sold me on getting a GPSr after years of watching from the sidelines was the introduction of Waymarking. It still seems in its infancy, but the idea of, say, going on a scavenger hunt for Muffler Men or church steeples or something like that really appeals to me. Mostly because it really ties together with photography. Caching is nice for getting out to nice areas that are scenic and interesting, but not really photography-specific.


Unfortunately, the Waymarking site is really bare-bones if you don't have a premium membership. So I'm looking into that now. Question for premium members: Is the site any more detailed with a membership, or is it just not developed -- or maybe the sport is just dying on the vine? Should I spring for the membership?

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