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Moving TBs from one of my caches to another?

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I have four caches hidden and am fortunate that they all seem to attract TBs and geocoins. However, some of these travellers have been in my caches for a while (1-2 months), and people mention seeing them in their logs but have not picked them up. I was wondering if I should do so? I don't have much time to go geocaching right now though, and most of the local caches I find are micros with no space for travellers, so what I would probably do is move the TBs from one of my caches to my Travellers Hotel cache near the airport (don't worry, it has no strange rules about "leave one to take one"!) that has a quick TB turn-around time.


I know it is ok to re-visit a cache to leave a TB, but what about moving someone else's TB from one of your own caches to another? If I do this, how long should I leave a traveler in the "old" cache before moving it to another cache?

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Moving the bugs out of your own cache is perfectly fine but as long as the bugs are actually still in the caches I probably wouldn't worry about moving them for at least three months, if at all for that matter. If the caches are still getting visits the bugs will move eventually.


The only times I truly concern myself is if the bugs are in a very remote location and winter is coming.


Just plan to move the bugs as part of your enjoyment of assisting them. Try to meet the goal, post pictures, etc. If that won't be for a while that's okay. The bugs will survive.

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