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Kayak for Caching anyone?

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I've posted about this kayak before, but just noticed it's on sale for $200 this Saturday and Sunday at Canadian Tire, in my local flyer, anyways. I've used mine several times now and find it terrific - the lightest (26 lbs), shortest (8' - I can put 2 of these in the back of my stow-n-go van), and least expensive kayak in the country. :huh:



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The person I kayak with, who is just as impressed with them as me, is about 5' 10" and admits to being a wee bit over the 200 lb weight limit.


When you get in for the first time, you might feel it to be tippy, but you'll quickly adjust and realize it's quite stable.


Res, the only VW I can visualize is a Bug, and the image of a kayak on top of a VW bug always makes me laugh for some reason ;). A VW Van? That might work. I suspect 8' is too long for an SUV, but 26 lbs wouldn't be bad for the roof lift at all.


I actually spent several hours in mine this past week - portaged them along a .75 km trail into a remote lake off of a remote lake near the cottage, and had a blast paddling around this lake, then followed a couple of trails into even-more remote lakes that I'd camped on several times years ago, but haven't been back to since. These lighter kayaks were really the ticket to make this possible.


The 'cockpit' is a nice open area (not a tight squeeze in as with some), which, much to my delight, allowed enough room for my "little dog too".

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