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Question about loading pictures

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Can a picture be downloaded with the description of a cache or just in the "log" section of the cache page? If it can, how do I go about loading one? I was wanting to make a picture viewable with the description when the cache page opens. Thanks - CachinSpree


You can do it. First you need to have the image hosted somewhere online. Then you need to make the cache page using HTML (check the box that says cache description is HTML). Then you just add the proper HTML for the image.

Here is the HTML tag for the image...


<img src="URL OF THE IMAGE">


It's that easy.

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Even better, as cache owner you can upload images directly to your gallery for use in the description. When viewing the cache page look in the upper right corner for the link called "upload images". Upload the image and give it a title and description. Then, using the code provided by the bitter dragon, insert the image in the text.



Oh, and you'll have to check the box called to enable HTML. Then you'll have to add <p> and <br> codes to your text for new paragraphs and line breaks, or all your text will run together.

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