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Annoying things about Geocaching


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RedGlobe is touching on a topic that is really worth mentioning under annoying. Who is the cache thief that is removing the caches from a certain cache owner at a specific location, not once but more than once? The GP cachers are aware of this little spider and I think they have your name.


We need to catch him. He is removing the caches and we have a challenge. Nowadays for a 1000 rand you can get a tracking device which can tag this cache and it is tiny. They use this to track your dog or child on Internet. It is easy to booby trap the cache to make sure the signal is received if the cache is lifted. This cacher is probably reading this so I do not want to reveal too much.


I planned several trips to find the caches on this mountain and every time one or more is gone and the trip must be postponed. This is frustrating. For these unavailable caches we should turn a blind eye. Will it be justifiable if I go and replace the cache and log a find on them? I can not see any other way to log them as they get stolen by a certain cacher at regular intervals. A muggle will find one or two but at one stage they were all gone. This cacher must get a life – if you have a problem face the owner and get the middle way.


If this specific cacher is reading this paragraph and I have a funny idea that he is - please drop me a private e-mail with your problem and explain your problem and why you are against this owner. I will act as middleman to resolve your problem with the owner. I will not judge you and I will not select right or wrong but will only try to find some sort of common ground between you and the cache owner. Your name will not be made known to the community. You can not carry on in this way mate. Soon they will catch you and then all will know you – your name will probably hit this forum. You will be the clown of GP and it will be hard to show your face anywhere. Events will be something of the past for you. That will be the end of your caching hobby and they will isolate you. I do not think you understand the consequences of your decisions. Removing the cache is not going to resolve your issues. Be a grown up and face your problem and resolve it with the owner and move on. I know you like geocaching, that is why you are a premium member and I know that you are intelligent to make the right choice. Life is too short to spend on the removing of caches. You are not achieving anything. If you are a man you will accept my hand and I will have respect for you. If you are a child you will carry on stealing caches and you will be nothing in the community. It is your choice. You can make the difference and you and you alone can decide to come clean. Make it, do the right thing and resolve it. Drop me an e-mail. Gerhard

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