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Freestyle Caching

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Purchase it HERE!


Coin Stats:


1.75" diameter

3.5 mm thick

Shiny Gold plating

Imitation Hard Enamel with Translucents

Trackable with a unique icon


Ever feel this way as a Geocacher? Everyone's going one way, and you're going the other. You have a secret. You know something they don't. There's a film can under that lamp post... there's a lock'n'lock behind those people at the picnic area. As cachers - we live in a secret world.


A world where we make our own rules. Not just hiding and seeking guidelines, but you can literally play the game however you wish. Like racking up numbers? Go for it! Prefer those challenge caches - great! Only like attending events - that's awesome!


There are only two rules in establishing how you will play the game for yourself. Rule #1 - You make the rules. Rule #2 - Refer to rule #1!

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