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What type of BM is this?

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Hello. I'm a casual geocacher (go out every now and then). I just locate the caches, and leave a comments in the books. More recently, I've begun to include hunting down Bench Marks in my bike rides, and hunts. A week ago, I came across one that I did not see in the list of BMs on this site, and found that there is a variety of different BMs.


I figure this is one to mark property, as it is at one of the corners of the Naval Postgraduate School (gov't property) here in Monterey, CA.


Tomorrow I plan to check another two corners for other like markers...


So, is this a property BM? (any more info you can provide would help.) Thanks!



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Thanks for the responses so far. Yea, this one seems a little weird (maybe rare...) since it doesn't say US COAST & GEODETIC SURVEY or the like on it.


m&h - I just thought it may be a property marker, as it's at a distinct corner of the Navy School.


jwahl - I don't believe that it is GU2091, as that is near the Defense Language Institute, and this one is just outside the fence of the Naval Postgraduate School (about 1.25 miles apart). If it is, someone needs to really double check their GPS :(


But yea, I recall looking at the list of BMs before, and saw an 'M21' elsewhere, but that was in a city 15 miles away, and at a train station, and didn't appear to have 'Naval Department' on it.


BTW, there isn't a map for Bench Marks like there is for the geocaches, is there? That would make this all seem a lot easier. haha

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OH, and the type of benchmark too...


the triangulation ones i thought had a triangle on the middle...

other regular ones seemed to have just a circle....


and with this one having a square, that is why i thought maybe a property one. ok, off to check that other corner(s) i was talking abuot!

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BTW, there isn't a map for Bench Marks like there is for the geocaches, is there? That would make this all seem a lot easier. haha


I used EasyGPS, Then GPSBabel to put together a benchmark map draw file, using just the .LOC downloads, for DeLorme Street Atlas USA.


GSAK also takes the benchmark .LOC's and makes a database of them as well. But, the info is not as extensive as the GPX files for Geocaches are. (and last read, they're still having trouble with the updater macro for GSAK) I've only logged one myself.

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