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Can I 'hold' a new cache location?

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This is a question from someone trying to place their first cache (that would be me). An area that I have been thinking would be perfect to place a cache I have in mind, just recently became available because an old cache was disabled nearby (the new location is within .10 mile of the old one). I am working on getting permission from the landowner, but it is taking time to meet up with them. In the meantime I'm worried that someone else will place a new cache in the park (which would be fun, like I said, its a great spot), but then make this spot I'm eying unavailable again. So is there anyway for me to hold on to this location, or do I just need to cross my fingers? Thanks for the help!

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Submit your cache page, but uncheck the box that says "yes this listing is active". Add a "note to reviewer " that explains that you are working on permission. That will hold the spot for a reasonable amount of time (reasonable varies, but ranges from a few weeks to a few months depending on the situation).


Just keep the reviewer apprised of your progress via "note to reviewer".

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Keep in mind that the original cache is only disabled, not archieved; it could be the CO just needs to replace a log sheet or something and the cache will be back in business.


Thank you for the replies! I did go ahead and submit a page, with the box unchecked. The owner of the cache that is no longer present posted that he wasn't going to replace it as it kept getting muggled too often. I'm excited to place my first cache, so thanks for the help!

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