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Guest jeremy

Update on Hats (and other stuff)

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Guest jeremy

I just placed the long awaited hat order today. They will be two-tone unstructured baseball caps with the bills pre-curved. the two tones are -








The embroidery is the 4 box geocaching logo. On the back is printed "You are the search engine." in a curve over the open back. The adjustable band is cloth and the second tone (so the stone hat has a green band, etc).


I went for the most expensive hats out there, because frankly I wanted to find a hat that I'd actually wear. Too many times you get those crappy promotional hats with the cheap fabric and crappy embroidery.


They look hot. I had two done to see if they looked ok. Perhaps I should eBay the sample icon_wink.gif


It will take another 3-6 weeks. Hopefully I can rush them out sooner, so here's hoping.


I also placed an order for small (read: cheap) compass keychains with the geocaching logo on them. I use one when I go geocaching (mine's from REI) and it works pretty well. Something else to grab so the shipping costs don't hurt so much.


I have a third item, but it's still a surprise. I'll let you know when everything is ready.



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