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So what's happened with GC in the last couple of years?

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Due to other comittments I've not cached as much in the last couple of years and haven't really been on the forums or had much contact with fellow cachers but what's happened with GC? I've noticed a lot of the local caches are now Members Only caches (both newer ones and I'm sure some that were not members only before) and the cache reviewers have changed. Maybe it's just in my area (Northants) that the caches are being placed as member only caches? Is Premimum Membership got more to offer these days, I used to be a Premimum Member but at the time thought it didn't really give value for money. What's all this Terracaching all about? Are there members here who are also members on Terracaching? Is it any better, worse, different?

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Thanks for the replies including PM's from you all. I wish I had read the forum a bit more, I just thought while I had been away that there was some sort of snobery going on against non premium members!


Personally I don't understand why someone would want to try to destroy this sport and to say they are doing it in the name of the environment is just plain daft. Since I've been a cacher I have thought and done more for the environment (practiced CITO, followed the Country Code, taught our children to be environmentally aware, joined several wildlife groups etc.). I can't say that I would have been so environmentally aware without caching and I know other cachers who are of like mind.


I am happy for this entire thread to be deleted or closed by the mods (I couldn't find a way of doing myself) if it is deemed to help with the (non) publicity these people should be given.


Happy caching all real cachers!

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