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Idea to connect GPS to PPC

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I've been curious what the Wherigo is for some time.

There are a few cartridges made up in the area. So today I decided to see if the Wherigo player would work on my HP iPAQ rx1950 PPC. It had a tutorial that tried to start up but I could not get very far since I have no GPS connected to the PPC.

So I'm trying to get creative in a way to connect the GPS to the PPC and was wondering if anyone has tried or done this and has it worked.


The HP iPAQ rx1950 has a strange plug that connects to the bottom of the PPC and then to the computer with a USB connection. Pic of the HP cable here: http://www.boxwave.com/products/directsync...-rx1950_750.htm

The Garmin GPSMap 60csx has a mini usb to connect to the GPS and a USB connection to connect to the computer.


My thought is to buy a USB Female to Female connector : http://cgi.ebay.com/USB-2-0-A-Female-to-Fe...93%3A3|294%3A50


Then I could hook the GPS up using the mini USB, then HP using it's strange plug and connect both ends of the USB cables together with the Female to Female plug.


Any thoughts if this would work?

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Well I got my USB female to female connector.

Connected the cables together and then to the GPS and to the PPC.

Started Wherigo and left it try to auto connect. It did not work. Also tried another program to auto detect the GPS and also failed. Tried some manual settings too.

I guess that idea will not work.

I'm not ready yet to buy a new PPC. I guess I'll have to forget about the Wherigo caches for some time.

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