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Tips before I place my first one please!

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I read the Longevity clinic and browsed the forum, so I am almost prepared :) I got my TBs today (fast delivery!), and I know what I want my first one to do: as I just moved to Arkansas from Ireland, and don't know much about the geography, this TB's mission will be to travel to all counties in Arkansas (as far as possible; as some are very rural, there may not be any geocaches, but it might inspire more experiences cachers to place one there :D ). I would love it if cachers posted a bit about the county in their logs, and maybe even put photos of landmarks and stuff. How can I make this more likely? I thought I would put a piece of paper explaining the mission and why it has that mission in a little zip lock bag (and put the same blurb on the TB's page on geocaching.com) with the TB attached, and some sort of traveller- probably my son's baby Razorback hat, which he has grown out of- or would that be too useful/ cute an addition? Would I be better off getting a laminated card? Not sure where I can get laminating done... Is there any sugested wording, anything I should definitely include?


I'd love to see some individual TB pages with good stories/ photos of their travels!

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I am a big proponent of the laminated tag. You can find the self-adhesive ones at your local stuffmart in the luggage section. Nowadays I trim them down a bit and then round the corners using the corner rounder. (as shown further down below)


This bug seems to have done well. I asked people to "post a picture visiting a farm, with local livestock, or just you with the bug". I plan on releasing one where people take a picture of the main street in their town and one to take a picture of a house that is common in their town. ( I haven't quite figured out how to word it properly) Then release them in locations foreign to my own. (I guess anywhere is foreign to someone)


The Iowa Tractor





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It seems to me that no matter what you do people will do whatever the heck they want to.


We have a State Park cache. Beautiful tiny spot but people leave trash there. We put in the writeup that if you arent willing to do at least a little CITO- then dont go. (After all, it is a way to show thank you to the parks who allow us to cache there.)


Is it that hard to carry something out? I think few people really do anything though.

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