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First Cache find !


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Well I have to say I am hooked, and so is my son! I decided to try and find a cache that was listed on Garmins geocache link, and it was right on my way home from work. It was literally 200 feet from the road I drive every day. LOL!!


I stopped, took my Garmin C550 Streetpilot and put it on its highest setting. It took me directly to it, 100 feet, 50 20 and then right on the money within 5 feet of the cache!


So I T1L1, and I was hooked! :o


I then went home, told my son and showed him the TB I got (we are going to take it to central Florida to start its trip) and he wanted to go find one. There were two near our home so I loaded up my son, wife and some things to leave, and we found 2 more!!! 3 in one afternoon near our home!! AT one a micro, we left the first item for the next person to have, a US Army lapel pin! We left more than we took and logged everything. :laughing:


What a great time my son had. We are planning on doing a few more this weekend. We plan on doing some more later this month when we go camping.


TFTC everyone!!! We are hooked. Going to put a cache in a perfect spot we know and its gonna be loaded with unique items!! SO watch for the posting!!

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Welcome!!! To have discovered this activity while your child is young enough to do it with you makes you a very blessed man in my opinion. Unfortunately my daughter was grown and moved out of state before I stumbled upon geocaching. Just remember that although you're off to an awesome start there will be some caches that you'll struggle to find. If you expect it before it happens it should make it a lot easier to accept when it does eventually happen. You are off to an awesome start! Welcome and good job on turning it into a family activity!!! :laughing:

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