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Numbers, Numbers everywhere

Lucky Stars

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Since I have so much free time on my hands :unsure: (not really) I collected the numbers of finds for the most popular caches in the UAE and calculated the average number of finds per week based on number of finds and length of time the cache has been in place.


Placed Years Name No of Finds Finds / Week

3-Nov-02 6.31 Jebel Hafit 56 0.1708

4-Jan-05 4.13 Al Karama 112 0.5210

11-Apr-06 2.87 Ghantot 51 0.3418

2-Feb-07 2.06 High Tech 70 0.6547

10-Mar-07 1.96 Tiny Cache 41 0.4028

17-Mar-07 1.94 In the Shadow of the Burj Al Arab 2 121 1.2004

25-Mar-07 1.92 Amazin' Abu Dhabi 66 0.6623

6-Aug-07 1.55 Dubai Marina 57 0.7074

17-Nov-07 1.27 Dubai Treasure - Forgotten Bridge 38 0.5765

18-Nov-07 1.26 Dubai Treasure - Hotel 35 0.5321

27-Nov-07 1.24 UAE GeoBank 48 0.7443

1-Jan-08 1.14 A View of the Burj Al Arab 63 1.0586

4-May-08 0.80 Dubai Promenade 56 1.3379

2-Oct-08 0.39 Legend of the Cobra! 18 0.8841


Funny enough, my 3 caches are right up there in numbers, though Legend is low in number of finds.


Anyone else with numbers to share?


Lucky Stars

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