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Archiving of Trackables?


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I am fairly new at this game. In the last few weeks I have been disapointed a few times by not finding trackables in a cache for which the inventory lists a coin or a TB.


For example I found "Peace Treaty of Vereeniging" (GCXP4C) today. The "Ladybug" is still listed as a TB in the inventory. When I followed the link to the TB it showed that it was dropped in this cache in 2006 by Crystal Fairy. I also saw on the log sheets that the owner of the cache noted in December 2006 that the TB's went awol when the original cache went missing.


On the main search page, when a list of caches come up there are a number indicated as archived. Does a TB not get archived when it goes missing?


Regards, JP

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I would guess that the cache owner doesn't know how to mark it as missing. Typically I'll send a note to the bug owner stating the bug is missing and give them instructions on how to remove it and place it into the Unknown Location. If I don't hear anything for a couple weeks I'll request the cache owner move it (and provide instructions).


In short access the bug page and under Trackable Item Options select Mark as Missing.

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Thank you BlueDuece, your comment clarifies it.


It would seem that the responsibility lies with the owner of the coin/TB to update the status when something goes amiss with the trackable item. Good to know when I start to send travellers into the world!


Regards, JP

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