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January statistics


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The statistics for January have been posted to the statistics page. Only one new report was added since the statistics were last captured January 9, and that looks like it was for an old recovery in Nov 2005 for FX1352 by PFF. I have no explanation for its recent appearance in the datasheet updates or its absence from earlier downloads. Prior to this month, the datasheet showed the most recent recovery as the 1978 NGS NOT FOUND report.


You may notice that the NGS total column seems to show an increase over last month's NGS total, but that is solely due to a bug fix in the counting. Previously, the NGS total column was simply the sum of the six years shown. Now the NGS total column is the sum of all reports, even if the reports were prior to the earliest year shown. During 2008, the difference was unnoticeable, because there were few reports in 2001 and 2002, which were the only years not shown. This month when I updated the page to show 2004 to 2009 the bug became apparent. After fixing the bug, the NGS total increased by about 500 reports.


For the record, there were 1668 reports in 2003, 497 in 2002, and 4 in 2001.

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..at least I have more time to catch up on my NGS backlog :D


As for the mystery of FX1352 - I think I remember a story from the Jan 3rd issue of the Cary News Gazette - Local Benchmark Hunter lost in woods - returns 4 years later after making recovery. :lol:

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That was me! Actually, I'm honored to be the only report. Or, as I will be telling it, "When the January posting was complete, I had more reports than anyone!" [Grin.]


Seriously, if the number of photos in the Gallery is any indication, there should be a large number of submissions waiting to get posted from all over the United States. We've had really good activity here in North Carolina, and we're being joined by a professional surveyor whom I met, recently.


It was a pleasure to meet CoinsandPins and his lovely bride, last Friday in Fayetteville. Aaron and I spent about two hours at a triangulation station with six disks, including the original station and its reset. Nearly an hour of that was spent talking with the land owner, who gave us a detailed description of every recovery effort during the past thirty years. :lol:


During January, I did two team hunts with ljparrish. He recently tracked down one of the 1898 meridian monuments in a nearby county, and he and I spent a cold Saturday morning looking for the matching stone. My favorite recovery in January was EZ1224 which was seen in 1935 but had not been found since. Second favorite was being the first reported recovery of triangulation station EZ2994 since it was monumented in 1964--although in fairness, I must add that it has been occupied by professionals through the years.



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