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Caching in Guam


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Hello there!!


Greetings from the UK!


Bit of a long shot this one...


My parents will both be 60 next month, and are off on a big posh holiday to celebrate. They're off cruising again, and as ever, I have to do their cache planning for them! I'm really struggling with Guam because I can't find out where in Guam they will be docked.


They won't have access to a car, and are not in port for very long, and so just want a quick cache and grab near the port... There's loads of caches on the island with there being a large American Airbase, but I can't find out where on the Island they will dock!


I've tried Google earth to see if there's any likely looking jetties etc, but no.... nowt....


Any ideas??? If it helps, they will be on the Arcadia!


I hope you can help!





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