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Any suggestions for a GPS with Mapping?

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Hi all,


I currently have a Garmin Etrex H which serves me well for Geocaching and does everything I need it to do, but I am now looking for a GPS for use at work and need something a little more advanced. Amongst other things, we undertake light pollution surveys so we find a viewpoint overlooking a site during the day and take photographs, then find the exact same point again at night and take photographs again so that we can overlay one on the other. As you can imagine, trying to find a marker in the middle of an open field in the dark can be a real pain in the rear without a GPS.


What I need (ok - want... hey, work are paying :D ) is a GPS unit that includes mapping of a detail that means I don't need to take a paper map as well. I've heard mixed reviews about the Garmin mapping (mostly bad) so was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a unit and software that would give me something close to a 1:25000 OS map.


Thanks in advance for any help,


Mike :D

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